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Suggestions for a smol Windows VPS
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Suggestions for a smol Windows VPS

Hi All,
Looking for a smol VPS that can run Windows.

2 CPU (preferably something that can handle Windows)
35-40GB NVMe/SSD
500-750GB Bandwidth should be fine
BYOL can be done.

Are the above specs enough to run Windows on a light workload (just casual browsing)?
I tried it on my Crunchbits 4C4G and it was running fine, except for the latency part.

Location preference
India (impossible, but I'll leave it here)
Any Asian country with latency <100ms to India
Europe - preferably UK/NL/DE/FR, with a latency of around 150-160ms to South India, RDP is hard for anything above that. Bonus points and preference if you have some kind of peering with AS9498.

Budget: As cheap as possible, can pay yearly.
Naranja's BF Sale (32EUR/yr) was perfect for my needs but missed them. Something around that range would be great - but no fixed budget, open to offers.
HostBRR's 4EUR/m recent 7950X offer was perfect too, but there are routing issues with my ISP.

Please include a test IP/Looking Glass with your offers/suggestions.

Thank you!


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