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Which VPN Providers Are Currently Known for Their Reliability in China? 🇨🇳
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Which VPN Providers Are Currently Known for Their Reliability in China? 🇨🇳

Dear LETers,

Hope you're having a great day.

I am seeking your help regarding my upcoming two-week trip to China, during which I aim to visit several major cities. Ensuring consistent and reliable internet access is crucial for me during this trip.

Could you kindly recommend VPN providers that are known to work reliably in China with minimal issues?

While I do have my own WireGuard VPN servers, I have come across information suggesting that WireGuard may not work in China.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights.


  • Shadowsocks, Tailscale

  • Astrill is quite popular, I think. Obviously, you can build your own using protocols like Vless.

  • IvanIvan Member
    edited February 22

    I've heard good things about Nexitally if you want a VPN provider. Shadowsocks and Outline is widely used instead of Wireguard which can be detected. I'm not sure what Nexitally requires you to use. I'm also not too sure what specific IP transit providers they have in their network as well.

    I recently did some research as I had family members travelling to China who needed help with this. I eventually landed on just setting up my own Outline VPN server using a VPS with CN2 GIA transit hosted out of Tokyo from GigsGigsCloud. I found Tokyo to be the best balance between price, latency, bandwidth quota, and speed. And I didn't want to risk having my relatives use a VPN provider that "might" work, as they're there on business and reliable access is important, so I couldn't risk it.

    The ones hosted in Hong Kong with CN2 GIA transit provide the best latency and local connectivity but are just far too expensive, however it is your best option if you simply want the most reliable connection and lowest latencies.

    There are a few other providers as well that have VPSes with CN2 GIA/CN2 GT transit in various locations. BandwagonHost provides LA, Osaka, and HK. HostDare is also another provider that is located in LA.

    Here's some reading material on the differences between CN2 GIA and CN2 GT transit: (please note this appears to be an affiliate site)

    You may also have a look around Nodeseek and see what Chinese people recommend, albeit it may be a little challenging given the language barriers. Hopefully others with more experience will chime in here as well. Good luck!

  • I'd recommend you rent a server from a provider in Japan that uses SoftBank/BBTower transit. Probably the most cost effective China route available right now. You can throw Hysteria2 in the server, which is really easy to setup and the performance should be better than VLess since Hy2 is based on QUIC (UDP).

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  • Try dmit,dmit in Los Angeles have PREMIUM NETWORK,it use CN2 GIA to china direct route.

  • I personally recommend that you use your own server to set up a temporary dedicated VPN.

  • My friend traveled to China in early January, and WireGuard (hosted on RackNerd LA DC-02) worked without any issues. Additionally, NATVPS + vless(WebSocket) + Cloudflare also worked fine.

  • Well you need a proxy or a VPN? These two are different things.

  • kiakia Member

    Try providers like DMIT, V.PS, and BandwagonHost, as they all have optimized routes for China. You can consult them before making a purchase.

  • Cellular Data Roaming

  • Tor using the snowflake protocol works very well in China.

  • MagiskSooMagiskSoo Member
    edited February 22

    bandwagonhost’s socks service
    Or set up your own node on VPS

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