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UK Ryzen 7900 VPS from £3.83/month ★ TRIPLE STORAGE OFFER ★ GIVEAWAY
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UK Ryzen 7900 VPS from £3.83/month ★ TRIPLE STORAGE OFFER ★ GIVEAWAY

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Good day, LET, how are you? I am fine, thank you.

We're now approaching our fourth summer as a registered company and LET member, we made it.

We provide cPanel Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, London VPS, Ryzen VPS, Managed cPanel VPS, Managed Private Cloud Solutions

Our Ryzen VPS Features

  • Ryzen 7900 CPUs with DDR5 ECC RAM and Enterprise-Grade PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe Storage
  • Over 20 Instant-install Linux/BSD Installation Templates
  • Windows Server 2019 / 2022 Evaluation (bring your own key)
  • 2 Schedulable Snapshots Included
  • Port 25 blocked by default - lifted with justifiable request.
  • VirtFusion Control Panel
  • Best-effort Corero DDoS Protection
  • Connected via AS42831 which has 2Tb+ of upstream & peering capacity to many UK and EU networks
  • Our fully owned brand-new Supermicro servers enterprise-grade hardware including U.2 NVMe Storage!

P.S. We don't restrict our Ryzen processor speeds. Turbo enabled, zoom zoom.

The Current Deal

10% Discount and not double, but TRIPLE Storage offer.

Ryzen 1-1-20 Order Now for just £3.83 per month ($4.97)

1 vCPU
20GB 60GB NVMe Space
5TB Monthly Bandwidth on 2Gbps Network Port
1 IPv4 + IPv6

Ryzen 1-2-40 Order Now for just £4.95 per month ($6.44)

1 vCPU
40GB 120GB NVMe Space
5TB Monthly Bandwidth on 2Gbps Network Port
1 IPv4 + IPv6

Ryzen 2-2-60 Order Now for just £5.85 per month ($7.61)

2 vCPU
60GB 180GB NVMe Space
5TB Monthly Bandwidth on 2Gbps Network Port
1 IPv4 + IPv6

The triple storage promo applies to all Ryzen VPS Hosting services listed on our website up to 8 vCPU meaning you could claim as much as 540GB under the triple storage deal.

See full information and plans here

Add-on: 1Gbps Truly unmetered bandwidth from £80/month.
Add-on: cPanel Licencing Available from £15/month.
Please note that add-ons are excluded from the discount code.

Claiming triple storage

Reply below with your order number or invoice number to have the triple storage offer applied to your service.
Triple storage promo applies to new orders only.
Limited quantity.
Promo ends 29th February.
Discount is RECURRING.


Simply post below with "ONE LAST RYZEN" to be entered into a random draw where two individual winners will £20.00 Account Credit (useable only on our London or Ryzen VPS or Shared Hosting services)

General Terms

Payment Type: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency. GBP & USD
Refund Policy: 72-Hour Money-back period if you're unhappy with the service. We do not guarantee our IP addresses can be accessed from any specific countries or can access any specific services. No refund is available if the IP address becomes blocked. A fee may apply for IP address changes.
Port 25: Blocked! Strictly no bulk or unsolicited mailing.
Fair Usage: CPU is considered a shared resource and subject to fair-usage of no more than 80% sustained average CPU usage in a 6 hour period. Intentionally wasting resources will not be tolerated.

Full Terms and Conditions here

Location: UK, see here for more datacentre info
Upstream Looking Glass:

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