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Ekire | 100% Free Servers | The simplest cloud platform
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Ekire | 100% Free Servers | The simplest cloud platform

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Ekire is a new hosting provider in the field, brought to you buy a group of amazing cloud lovers and skilled developers. Now, we offer completely free servers for new users to give them all a chance to try our the most simple console they can ever try!

Ekire is committed to support developers. Why? Because we see our stories in you <3

First of all let's -quickly- answer some questions.

Q: Why should I (as a developer or server buyer) should use your services over Vultr or DigitalOcean or any other popular platform?
A: We do offer a cheaper pricing, higher quality products (P.S. Our servers are hosted in one of the most modern DCs in the world "DigitalRealty") as well as a better customer support through live chat and tickets system.

Q: Why should I choose you over any other LET provider?
A: We believe that definitely there're some other providers that provide a cheaper price.
However, you can choose us because:-
-We don't use WHMCS: our console dashboard is completely designed and developed by our inhouse developer specially to serve the purpose we do.

-We do NOT resell: we have our own hardware and network -- look up AS215749.

-Pay only for what you use with our hourly billing.

-Completely new experience: you'll have an experience never like before with a console that mixes between simplicity and scalability.

Much more.. No time to explain here

A quick look at our pricing model.

| 1GB Memory
| 1 vCPU
| 30GB NVMe Storage
| 1GBps Uplink
| Unmetered bandwith

| $4

| 4GB Memory
| 2 vCPU
| 100GB NVMe Storage
| 1GBps Uplink
| Unmetered bandwith

| $10

Now, how to claim a "free server"?

Just create an account at "" (you've to be a new user -- don't duplicate accounts) with your REAL IP and leave a comment at this thread with your first name, I'll enroll your account into free credits program and the system will assign you free credits once you access the console -if you're eligible-.

Notes about free credits program:
-This gives you $10 to use in the console for unlimited time and to buy anything.
-You're eligible only if you're a new user or a developer (developers have to contact support to activate the program for their current accounts).
-In case the system detected that you're trying to abuse it you'll be automatically banned from the program and we may ban your entire account.
-The program is running as long as there're sufficient resources to handle it. SS:

Ready? Join the cloud platform built with THE USER in mind ->


From Ekire console, you can do following things:-

-Deploy servers with one click
-Manage your server, your account, your bills from the same place with the same language of style
-Add additional IPs to your servers
-Add additional disks to your servers
-Take snapshots of your servers
-Take and restore backups of your servers
-Reboot, reinstall, fully control all your servers
-Get support through live chat
-Scale up your server and upgrade your plan without affecting your current data
-Manage billing cycle
-View transactions history
-Extend your servers
-View who uses your account - "sessions tracking feature"
-We've left a lot for you to discover yourself at

Q: Do you deny any ports?
A: No, all ports are open by default and as long as they're not abused.

Q: Can I reverse an IP?
A: Yes, follow this article from us:

Q: Is reinstallation free?
A: Yes. It's free and unlimited.

Q: Can I destroy the server anytime to stop charges?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you support IPv6?
A: No, but it's on our roadmap and will be implemented very soon.

Q: Do you provide hourly billing?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you provide automatic backups?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there any limit for additional disks number?
A: Yes, you can add only up to 200GB of additional disks for each server you have.

See our FAQ section at


We're planning to release following features this month (we already started developing them):-
-Cloud Box (will be explained later)

We're planning to release following features on the next 6 months:-
-Load balancers
-Web Hosting (something new)

====THANK YOU====

© Ekire LTD - AS215749

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