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jgalvezjgalvez Member
edited September 2011 in Providers

Hi i found this vps provide

Anyone has used it?


  • Not I but I do note from looking at their previous sites on, they're mostly a seedbox provider. Seems like most folks stay away from those due to the IO issues inherent to seedbox providers.

  • @drmike : that's true. i know they are the one of many old seedbox provider here in Indonesia. i know the owner very well. I/O issue is not real big problem than they previous problem (all disk die at the same time) in hetzner.

    @jgalvez : if you're looking for seedbox/leech go to corong. but don't forget to make a backup data. (not sure you need this in seed/leech box. hehehe)

  • skagerrakskagerrak Member
    edited September 2011

    Is it just me or does their website look like it has been hacked by someone using MS Word's "Export-to-HTML"-function?

  • terrible prices pffft

  • No good looking...

  • The site looks extremely broken.

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