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Reflecting on MJJ's preferences and the situation of Chinese businesses.
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Reflecting on MJJ's preferences and the situation of Chinese businesses.

zbzzhzbzzh Member

1h512m, 1h1g, and similar configurations, plus a large bandwidth and traffic package, with a selling point being optimized for Chinese routes.

These machines with poor performance, coupled with Chinese route optimization, are clearly designed for resellers like mjj to prosper. The prices are pushed to the extreme, and during promotional events, the offerings are consistently the lowest configurations like 1h1g or 2h2g – a preference of mjj, who tends to collect such low-performance, low-priced packages as treasures.

For those serious about starting projects or building websites, these crippled machines are incapable. Offering such limited storage alongside subpar performance and a 1000M high-speed connection is truly lamentable.

When talking about China route optimization, why not diversify and coordinate the offerings a bit more? For example, configurations like 4h4g100g with 200m bandwidth, or 2h2g50g100M. Providing ample performance (preferably with dedicated CPU, and if not, at least don't go ultra-thin), leaving sufficient bandwidth. Please don't let it be that every now and then, a 1000M is bombarded by a swarm of locusts, crazily devouring the network.

Why can't there be more promotions for machines with moderate performance? It seems every time it's the lowest configurations being pushed during events.

What I'm describing is the current situation with most Chinese businesses – it's evident they are selling to resellers like mjj for prosperity. If I were a business, I'd understand, as it attracts more consumers and buyers. It's just difficult to find something for those genuinely looking to create productivity.


  • There is no relationship between price and bandwidth in most situations.
    Providers use 95th percentile to settle up with upstream, in other word, calculate by traffic.
    The more traffic you use, the more provider paid to upstream.

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