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Email Backup Solutions?
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Email Backup Solutions?

Hi, my request might be a little weird. I need to backup some of my emails, the below shows the workflow.
I received an email -- I forwarded the email / Reply and Cc to the "archive address" -- The "archive server" receives the forwarded / carbon-copied email and save it into .eml or .pdf format (any common format is fine)
How can I achieve it?

TLDR, I need to build a mail server that is receiving only and has the capability to save the email into a file


  • What is your mail server? are you self-hosting it or using the likes of gmail, ...?

  • @yusra said:
    What is your mail server? are you self-hosting it or using the likes of gmail, ...?

    You mean the one for archive or the one I'm currently using?
    The archive one is the one that I need to newly build, and I'm currently using Microsoft 365 (Enterprise) for my daily-driver

  • farsighterfarsighter Member
    edited November 11

    Got Your Back (GYB) is a took that backups emails messages from Gmail into eml files. If you don't mind using Gmail as the "archive address" it can be an easy solution.

    Otherwise you can use Postfix.

  • Depending on your platform and experience, instead of a separate server to field copies, you might consider imapsync or offlineimap instead.

    I've used both to good effect to regularly archive the myriad of client related mailboxes I get hooked up to. Including mailboxes from Gmail, MS-365 , MXroute etc.

    Not quite what you asked, but an alternative for anyone else finding this thread.

  • use mailstore home version to download emails from archive address

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