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How to restore data from raid
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How to restore data from raid

bikramabikrama Member
edited November 4 in Help

Had a server with OVH and my primary disk crashed but was running raid so had backup. They replaced the disk but how can i restore data back to new disk and bring server online?



  • BBTNBBTN Member
    edited November 4

    1st: A raid is no backup.
    2nd: Looks like you're using mdraid, so resilver it as soon as your faulty disk got replaced?

  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider

    Hello! Here is the brief manual of how to do it:

    Remove the failed disk:
    mdadm /dev/md127 -r $FAILEDPARTITION

    If encountering "devices or resource busy" error, follow these commands:

    mdadm --manage /dev/md127 --fail $FAILEDPARTITION

    Check drive and its partitions:
    cat /proc/mdstat

    Prepare the new disk with the same partition layout:
    For GPT:
    sgdisk --backup=sdх_parttable_gpt.bak /dev/sda
    sgdisk --load-backup=sdх_parttable_gpt.bak /dev/sdb

    For MBR:
    sfdisk --dump /dev/sdx > sdх_parttable_mbr.bak (Create)
    sfdisk /dev/sdb < sdх_parttable_mbr.bak (Restore)
    Note: Create a backup before pasting the partition table.

    Add the new hard drive to the RAID1 array:
    mdadm /dev/md127 -a /dev/sdx

    After synchronization, check the status:
    cat /proc/mdstat

  • Best to take the help of the provider for a quicker and safe data recovery.

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