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Looking for a replacement for BackupSheep - want to do hourly backups of a bunch of WP databases
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Looking for a replacement for BackupSheep - want to do hourly backups of a bunch of WP databases

muddymuddy Member

For the past year or so I used the now-defunct BackupSheep as an added layer of backups for the WP sites that I host. I have Updraftplus in place on all sites sending full daily backups to 2 remote storage dumps (SFTP and S3-compatible). I also have the S3 backups syncing to my Synology locally, so I've got a 3rd copy of that data which should protect me from many things that could go wrong. And, I do test restores of sites regularly from these backups, so I'm reasonably confident that I shouldn't lose data if something goes really wrong.

I want to have another form of backups for the WordPress databases only, just as another layer of protection from a variety of threats (clients accidentally changing something, site crashing at hour 23 since the last backup, etc). I also want something that is more "behind the scenes" than UpdraftPlus, which is generally available to other site admins/users. I had BackupSheep doing an hourly backup (saved for 14-30 days, depending on the site), which was a nice safety backup if anything ever went wrong. I rarely needed to use these backups, but in the couple of instances I did, they were really nice to have.

I started working on a restic shell script (to be invoked via hourly cron job on each of my servers) sending data to some S3-compatible storage. I got it half working but ran into some hiccups, and don't know enough about restic or shell scripting to get it across the finish line. I looked at some scripts on GitHub, but most don't seem appropriate for my needs, or are way overkill. I'd like something that is reasonably simple to deploy to about 50 WP sites on maybe 25 different VPSes and doesn't require a ton of babysitting. I don't need a web gui, necessarily. I don't need the tool to restore DB's. I just want something that reliably sends hourly database backups to a central remote storage of some sort (S3-compatible bucket, ideally), and keeps X days worth of backups for each DB/site (to be specified in the script/tool).

I investigated some SaaS options, but haven't found anything that feels like a good fit at a price point that works. One option was $16/month per (source) server, which while the tech would work, doesn't scale well when using a VPS per website in some cases.

Any recommendations? Should I just hire someone to write me a good restic to S3 script? Is there an off-the-shelf tool out there that does what I need?


  • hey,
    have you looked into wordops ?
    I use it to backup my sites and rclone and free idrive s3 storage

  • have not looked deeply into wordops. But it looks like that would require switching my entire hosting stack. Not something I'm interested in doing at this point.

    In the end, I found someone to build a shell script for me that uses rclone to send my backups to iDrive E2. I've deployed it to my servers, and all seems to be working well for my needs. Cost a few $$$ to have the script developed, but it does exactly what I need at this point and seems to be the perfect low-resource solution for me. With the cheap iDrive E2 storage, it was an easy win for me.

  • In my case I normally use sqlbak. Been using them for quite sometime and so far so good.

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