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Use VPS as VPN: Cannot contact reCAPTCHA
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Use VPS as VPN: Cannot contact reCAPTCHA

peterfargepeterfarge Member
edited October 27 in Help

Hello Forum,

I bought a cheap VPS and want to use it as a VPN with WireGuard. I set it up, and now I can surf the internet. But some websites are protected by Captchas. This is the Google test recaptcha. If I try it, the error message is Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again. See picture

I tried Chromium and Firefox, reCAPTCHA only works if I remove WireGuard. So It's nothing about CrossSiteScripting cookies or too old browser. Cache clearing doesn't help either. I turned off WebRTC via browser extension
If I shut down WireGuard and install OpenVPN instead, the error stays.

Can it be that Google blocks certain IP ranges? But the error message says cannot contact.
If I put the public IP of the VPS in different IP checker websites, they all say it's not a Proxy/VPN/Tor/Robot IP-Address, only Server is detected. But the Server mark is also detected for other VPS I own, and there I can solve Captchas. I think it only means that the VPS-IP is not from the ISP private customer IP range.

I'm routing the whole client traffic through the WireGuard/OpenVPN tunnel and add MASQUERADE via Firewall in the VPS. I have no clue what else I'm doing wrong. Does anybody have similar problems? How can I find out if it's a problem with my configuration or Google is just plain blocking this IP?




  • ErisaErisa Member

    When you get the error what happens in the browsers network log? F12 and then Network tab, reload the page while the Network tab is open to get the logs. Scan through for any obvious errors (requests that didn't complete or give non-200 status code).

    While you're there, check the console tab too. Maybe it has more insight.

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  • remyremy Member
    edited October 27

    It's become common practice to block entire ranges of ips. This is particularly true of VPS providers and cloud servers, which can be ordered quickly and easily.
    There's too much unwanted traffic, so many big platforms simply prefer to filter strictly. Too bad for the few non-robotic users who use as VPN.
    The same goes for self-hosted mail servers. It's become complicated to pass all the anti-spam rules, because some providers use IP range in their rules. Basically -> big company providing mail services is ok, others not ok.
    The Internet is being locked down. Sad.

    Sorry I'm not helping you specifically to solve your problem. I'm just having a rant! ;)

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  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    Stuff is being sold so cheap on LET, that it does not surprise me that some stuff is getting abused for crawling and your IP/Subnet is already listed before you installed wireguard or openvpn.

    I think I got at least one VPS, that can't even open without a 403 forbidden from google despite I never crawled google from that machine.

    My suggestion would be, don't buy from providers, that consistently have dirty cheap stuff in stock. Buy specials, heavy limited specials, that vanish after a while.

  • peterfargepeterfarge Member
    edited October 27

    All elements could be loaded in the browser network tab. With the VPN activated, the POST method of the reload?k=XXX failed. Without VPN the captcha runs through or does the picture puzzle loading. I have done a similar configuration on previous VPN/VPS and there I can solve captchas. I guess it's an IP block. The web search also says that Cannot contact could indicate simply an IP block.

    And also it seems there is no possibility to ask google for unblocking my IP. :(

  • Some of Cloudflare warp IPs are blacklisted by Google

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  • yusrayusra Member

    The main issue is most probably a flagged IP.
    You can route your outbound traffic via Cloudflare WARP as to acquire one of the the IPs of that service.

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