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Recommend a router with WISP and automatic device download limit
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Recommend a router with WISP and automatic device download limit

team_traitorteam_traitor Member
edited September 2023 in Help


I need an advice. I'm looking for a router that can connect via WISP and have automatic bandwidth limiter when device is connected to their wifi. Does a cheap router comes with that feature?

I'm allowing this neighbor to connect to my network(internet) and they agree to pay around $10/mo and also, I don't want them to know my password. So I asked them money so I can buy a cheap router which have a WISP capability and also have a bandwidth limiter feature that automatically limit/throttle their speed on their router.

I'm allowing them 20Mbps/5Mbps (Download/Upload) limits but I also want their router to automatically limit each device that connects on their wifi to 5Mbps/1Mbps to avoid one of their devices from eating all their resources. 5Mbps download speed is good for watching 480p youtube videos (Tested it personally) or even netflix without lags.

I have a tenda router that has this feature but it is expensive around $90-$120. I'm just looking for a router that hopefully have this kind of feature that is around $8-$15.

Can someone recommend something like this? Tenda F6 is my last choice but it does not have automatic bandwidth limit and they are not techie to do manual limit.

Internet is costly (not expensive) in our area. The lowest plan is around $30/mo at 50Mbps (with 60% speed/connection reliability)


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