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need information on proxmox backup server
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need information on proxmox backup server

hi i am planning to run proxmox backup server offsite in other country . i have a proxmox server and running a vm on that is consuming around 150TB storage. Just wanted to know how much space roughly i need on proxmox backup server to backup 150TB of data. i have heard about the compression but have no idea how much it will compress


  • at least 150tb

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  • If your virtual machine's hard disk is in qcow2 format and the unused space is not fully filled within the virtual machine, it will be compressed reasonably during backup. In this case, you can save a significant amount of space. However, you should not prepare much less than 150TB. Generally, the capacity of a common single storage server ranges from 100TB to 150TB, based on Hetzner as the standard. Storage servers in this range seem to have a good cost-performance ratio. Therefore, you can start from here and allocate backup for your virtual machine, evaluating the actual usage.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    yes, you can only know how much will compress by, well, compressing it.
    I have found that my estimates are sometimes incredibly accurate but I have missed the mark way too many times to consider that guesstimating can be effective and I am really good at guesstimating in general.
    You can try to direct it at /dev/null if you don't have another storage device to test.

  • well, it depends what kind of data you store. Compress a part of your disk using zstd to check by yourself the compression ratio to have a better idea

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