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IPXO, how it works?
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IPXO, how it works?

So, IPXO marketplace looks not bad regarding pricing and subnets. But I have few questions:

  1. How it actually works? I want to lease few IPs, should I have company?
  2. When I lease IPs, how do I actually bring them to the VPS / dedicated server? Should I look for BYOIP?
  3. Is it worth the hassle?


  • AdvinAdvin Member, Patron Provider
    edited September 22

    The way it works is that you can rent basically a /24 subnet or above (i.e. /23, /22, etc). A /24 subnet includes 256 IP addresses at minimum. I am not entirely sure about the requirements, but I am pretty sure that you need some sort of company name to register on the platform.

    You need a provider that supports either BGP or BYOIP. BYOIP is the simplest option where a provider will essentially announce the whole IP range under their ASN and add it to your VPS/dedicated servers for them to use. A lot of providers, like ReliableSite, Advin Servers, DataWagon and a few other hosting providers support this functionality, but you should ask before purchasing. If you plan on doing BGP, you may need to apply for an ASN (which is a separate process), and only a handful of providers support BGP sessions (i.e. Vultr, Frantech, etc).

    It's worth the hassle if you have an actual use for 256 IP addresses. If you do not, then there is no point. Most providers will charge around $1-$3/mo per IP address when a /24 block costs around $100/month. One of the few use cases that I can think of is if you need IP's to stay absolutely the same, because you can always switch providers and move over the IP blocks whenever necessary. IP blocks can only be announced as a /24 at minimum, and those IP's cannot be shared across multiple providers.

    • They ask for company details/documents.
    • Your dedi provider should support BGP session
    • Change Origin of IPXO upon leasing to ASN of your dedi provider and get the LOA to be passed to your dedi provider so they can announce it
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