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Plex - Suggestions
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Plex - Suggestions

I’m thinking of making my own plex server for private use, I’ve used other peoples in the past but they keep going off/disappearing or lack content I’m interested in.

Can anyone recommended a provider which can offer a seedbox/plex setup so I can make my own private one? Preferably EU location

Any tutorials would be welcomed as I would like to automate the search and download if possible.


  • What did you research on your own? No one will waste his time to write you a tutorials of any kind. Here is list:


    Do your homework.

    Thanked by 3acjm FlorinMarian Calin
  • I have looked up but it’s good to have recommendations from people on LET who have used or is using a particular provider

    Thanks for the suggestions

  • @acjm said: Any tutorials would be welcomed as I would like to automate the search and download if possible.

    I run the following:

    • Jellyfin (Plex in your case): A cute interface for watching the stuff I download.
    • Jellyseer (Overseerr in your case): Easily manage and request new media to download.
    • Radarr: A movie manager.
    • Sonarr: A TV series manager.
    • Bazarr: A subtitles manager.
    • Prowlarr: A Torrent Tracker manager.
    • Qbittorrent: A Torrent client.

    Making it search/download automatically is a total pain in the ass, which takes hours of reading documentation and seeing how things go together to figure out. But once it's done, you (in theory) never have to redo it again.

    Thanked by 2emgh acjm
  • I do recommend what @sillycat wrote above. Very god combo.

    I run what he runs but Ombi as the manager, and Jackett instead of Prowlarr.

    As well as Transmission instead of qBittorrent.

    I do however recommend to set it all up.

    Thanked by 2sillycat acjm
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