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N. Cali colocation for a tower server.
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N. Cali colocation for a tower server.

Are there any colocation providers that would work for a mid or full tower case? I'm an hour north of SF and willing to drive a few hours if necessary.

I gotta be honest I'm a total noob when it comes to any of this. Looking around for a colo service obviously everything is geared towards businesses and it's quite intimidating for someone just doing it as a hobby.

I've been hosting a plex server on a dedi using google drive as the storage but obviously that's gone now so I was looking to move to a local server. I had originally planed to have the server set up at one of my friends house since he was the only one that had access to a 1gb/1gb fiber line but now that's looking like it's not going to be an option.


  • BruhGamer12BruhGamer12 Member
    edited September 9

    If you can not find one near you in California you can always ship it to a colocation center else where. In California Pychz has like 3 data cents right around Silicon Valley and the LA one takes colocation services which you can ask about midsized tower - if you have not already built the mid tower and can instead use 1U/2U/4U server since it seems like a lot of cheap colocation services are in northeast US or midwest.

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