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OVH Grub Loader problems for VPS Boot
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OVH Grub Loader problems for VPS Boot

CalinCalin Member, Patron Provider

Hello everyone , after we update more security plugins on our OVH VPS , and we reboot VPS , VPS start be don't work , grub-loader start be broken

I'm fallow this tutorial: but don't work , and OVH usage custom grub-loader or similar things , any meet with this problem?Any idea how fix?



  • MoopahMoopah Member

    My investment into your services has not gone unfulfilled with non-stop excitement. I wish you the best of luck in getting the GRUB issues resolved! I'm not joking, I I don't care what happens to my VPS.

    Also you may want to paste the contents on your GRUB2 file here for better troubleshooting: /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

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  • CalinCalin Member, Patron Provider

    Hello @Moopah i'm usage grub no grub2 , no exist files for grub2


  • adnsadns Member

    Hi @Calin !

    PLS give any possible information about the VPS. Host OS, version, etc. Why do you use legacy grub instead of grub2? Do not confuse, if grub2 installed, you still use grub-install and others, grub prefix does not change to grub2.

  • try to boot to Rescue Mode, mount the disk and get the data out then rebuild the VPS

  • CalinCalin Member, Patron Provider

    @kuticon said: try to boot to Rescue Mode, mount the disk and get the data out then rebuild the VPS


    Yes data has been transferred , but it's preferable for fix VPS , for no configure again lot of things


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  • Well you can also copy the config files man. :relieved:

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  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider


    The expected issue is that after you update your plugins, the kernel is updated also. Therefore, you need to boot from the previous kernel version. You can check this discussion for more details as it covers issues you encountered with:

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  • davidedavide Member
    edited September 18

    With Grub 1 you can edit the config during boot by pressing `e'. Either you need to direct Grub to the correct root device, or your initramfs needs the block device drivers. For fucks sake, personally I compile such drivers into the kernel.

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