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Issue with SimpleLogin Account after Proton Pass Registration
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Issue with SimpleLogin Account after Proton Pass Registration

I recently encountered an unexpected issue and wanted to share to seek help and possibly alert others.


I had an account with SimpleLogin, registered with my personal gmail address.
This account, created on May 16, 2013, had my custom domain with 2 mailboxes and 10 aliases.
My main domain was heavily reliant on this account.

Well so today I created an account with Proton Pass primarily to catch the promo.
Used the same email gmail address for registration and while exploring Proton Pass, I attempted to add an alias to a different mail account. I came across a Reddit post that caught my attention.
After that, I tried logging into my SimpleLogin account using my regular credentials. To my surprise, I was met with a "wrong password" error.
Out of curiosity, I tried my new Proton Pass password, but faced the same error.
I proceeded to reset my SimpleLogin password, and upon logging in, I found that all my previous configurations were gone, as if it was a brand new account.

I'm at a loss as to how this could have happened. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


  • keplerkepler Member

    Contact support? Proton pass is a new product, not even sure if its even leave beta yet. Plus the state of simplelogin in proton ecosystem after them being bought by proton is a huge mess, either being integrated half ass or not integrated at all.

    This situation is why the advice not to put all your things in the same basket comes from.

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