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What DNS do you use ?
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What DNS do you use ?

emg88emg88 Member

I'm using Next DNS with custom block lists, wondering if it's the way to go or just use a unfiltered one. What do you guys use



  • fazarfazar Member
    edited May 31

    adguardhome using opendns as upstream dns server.

  • let_rockslet_rocks Member

    ISP DNS, Cloudflare Security DNS, OpenDNS.

  • krenkenkrenken Member


  • @fazar said:
    adguardhome using opendns as upstream dns server.

    Same, except Cloudflare as upstream.

  • imgmoneyimgmoney Member


  • xprebounxpreboun Member

    redundant AdGuard Home instances, with AdGuard DNS + NextDNS as upstream

  • fazarfazar Member
    edited May 31

    I dont know why, if I use nextdns as upstream on adguardhome, some sites will slow or even fail to load (icloud web, steam login page, shopee, sluggish tiktok videos, etc). problem still persist with dns cache and blocklist disabled. :s

  • conceptconcept Member

    my own using unbound

  • Mullvad and Quad9

  • Luke007Luke007 Member

    Adguard home with Cloudflare as upstream

  • greenteagreentea Member

    pihole with Cloudflare upstream.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited June 1

    Not today, FBI 🤣

    Thanked by 2MannDude Calin
  • emghemgh Member
    edited June 1

    Quad9 & Warp

  • MannDudeMannDude Patron Provider, Veteran

    I just add all of the IPs and hostnames directly to my /etc/host file.


  • ControlD with Adguard home

    It's fully customizable, also unblocks region restrictions

    Thanked by 1iqbal
  • Otus9051Otus9051 Member
    1. how many emgs are here
  • wii747wii747 Member

    Nextdns have been using them since it was in beta version.

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  • GreyhoundGreyhound Member

    Do you mean DNS hosting or DNS resolver? a) Cloudflare b) and plus self-hosted Adguard Home.

  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    edited June 1

    On mobile Adguard DNS via AdGuard App.

    On PC/Laptop just GoogleDNS/CF/ISP. For ads I have uBlock/Adguard browser extension.

  • Carlin0Carlin0 Member

    Cloudflare - Google

  • DianTamaDianTama Member

    Control D
    The best DNS service so far (I've used Next DNS, and Adguard DNS ). It has something others don't, and it can Bypass geo-blocks.

  • seilentseilent Member

    ControlD, I like the redirect feature.

  • emg88emg88 Member

    @Otus9051 said:
    1. how many emgs are here

    My initials

  • ControlD.

  • coinhostcoinhost Member, Host Rep

    The defaults are / In-house and provider DNS servers for more complex and secure setups.

  • imgmoneyimgmoney Member

  • oyhacooyhaco Member

    Using cloudns

  • cochoncochon Member

    PiHole style blocklists hand balled to a database for PowerDNS via script, way less memory and CPU than PiHole itself. PDNS recursor to field internal domains then Cloudflare and Quad9 behind that for public.

  • TeoMTeoM Member

    Cloudflare or Google. Firstly I ping which one is better than i use that.

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