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Keyhelp control panel - New update (23.1)
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Keyhelp control panel - New update (23.1)

sandozsandoz Member
edited May 24 in News

Keyhelp released days ago a new update.

This updated is supposed to bring Nginx or Openlitespeed (said by one staff in forum) unfortunately they didn't bring anything. Just a updates, fixing and some improvements.

23.1 / 04 May 2023
New Features / Added Content
Added round-the-clock monitoring and graphs for various system metrics (requires KeyHelp-Pro)
Added Snappymail as a new webmailer alternative
Added socket status / port usage overview page (a representation of commands like 'netstat -tulpen' / 'ss -tulpen')
System mail log can now be monitored in real time from the user interface
Portuguese translation added - Thanks to ID Digital (Marco Ferreira)

Here are more improvements. What you think? Did you already tried the new version with new improvements and bugs fixed?

Here is the complete changelog From Keyhelp:


  • Do they have options to disable mail server and exclude it from installation? Its a pretty good panel and was waiting for nginx.

  • ElonBezosElonBezos Member

    next update with Nginx or OLS, fingers crossed, again..

    Thanked by 1FatGrizzly
  • sandozsandoz Member

    @ElonBezos said:
    next update with Nginx or OLS, fingers crossed, again..

    In this updated is supposed to have Nginx. Keyhelp team didn't accomplish with that.
    Unfortunately. This is a great control panel.

    Thanked by 1Radi
  • alexroeualexroeu Member

    I am using Keyhelp on 4 servers. Rock solid, best free control panel in my opinion.

  • ArkasArkas Moderator

    Anyone know when the next release is due?

  • alexroeualexroeu Member

    there's no public roadmap so nobody knows

    Thanked by 1Arkas
  • Tony40Tony40 Member
    edited May 24


    I like it the ways is now, very secure., I can disable web access to services likes PHPMyAdmin, Webmail .... After trying many web control panel KeyHelp is by far the best!

    Apache, is legendary free open-source web server made with love for the masses, by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation., well maintained!

  • alexroeualexroeu Member
    edited May 25

    For me nginx and openlitespeed are nice to have, not need to have, so I am ok just with apache.

    However I also installed csf, I like it more than fail2ban. On their forum there is a tutorial, step by step, and it's just what I needed.

    The only thing my users complained about is the fact that Softaculous is missing, but if you really need auto installer, there is the premium version that costs 9 euros/month and you have there autoinstallers for a few scripts.

  • ElonBezosElonBezos Member

    @alexroeu said: Softaculous is missing,

    yea, i forgot about this. i agree that we can live with apache only but why they are not have this magic installer?

  • alexroeualexroeu Member

    Softaculous is wanted by users, but it's a pain for administrators. 80% of the scripts are not developed any more, other scripts, even if they are updated, does not install correctly and they just don't work. Since 40% of websites on the internet use Wordpress, I would say that a wordpress installer is useful and maybe a few other more, like a forum, an online shop, a file storage script, but softaculous it's a mess.

  • cybertechcybertech Member

    when will they bring nginx and ols? waiting for too long.

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