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Another Choice Server OS: EuroLinux, Red Hat Based Enterprise-class Linux distribution
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Another Choice Server OS: EuroLinux, Red Hat Based Enterprise-class Linux distribution

Tony40Tony40 Member
edited May 15 in News

EuroLinux is a Polish Enterprise-class Linux distribution that has been in development since 2013. EuroLinux is built upon the foundation of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® source code. This guarantees its compatibility with RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, CentOS, as well as new, recently published community distributions AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. EuroLinux offers the same operating environment of software designed for these systems, and provides the same hardware certification. Our system is maintained and developed by experienced architects and developers. It is available in two versions: paid and free. The paid version provides additional technical support cover.

EuroLinux was developed in response to unsatisfied needs of the market related to the quality of technical support, unfavourable licensing, high cost of subscriptions and the lack of flexibility of the leading producers of Enterprise Linux distributions. The offer prepared by us in all these areas is more attractive.

EuroLinux is derived from RHEL® source code. It is open source and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Therefore, anyone can use it freely, modify and compile it, and then offer the results to the community and customers.

Download EuroLinux


  • treesmokahtreesmokah Member
    edited May 15

    they also got desktop version for anyone willing to daily drive RHEL on their PC. nice alternative for mission critical workstations already running something like Fedora.

    Thanked by 1Tony40
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