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Seeking Unblocked IP Addresses for VPS Hosting Services in Iran.
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Seeking Unblocked IP Addresses for VPS Hosting Services in Iran.

FerihFerih Member

Dear VPS Host Sellers,

I am writing to you from Iran, and I am currently looking for VPS hosting services that can provide me with unblocked IP addresses. As you may know, due to various restrictions, many IP addresses are blocked in my country, making it difficult for me to access certain services and websites. I am therefore seeking your assistance in finding a reliable VPS hosting provider that can offer me unblocked IP addresses.

I understand that there are many VPS hosting companies available, but I am specifically interested in finding one that is not well-known and therefore may have IP addresses that are not yet blocked in Iran. Additionally, I am on a limited budget and would appreciate it if you could recommend the cheapest options available.

I am open to hearing about any VPS hosting provider that you believe would fit my requirements. However, please keep in mind that my primary concern is having access to unblocked IP addresses. If you could provide me with some options and their corresponding prices, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.



  • Don_KeedicDon_Keedic Member
    edited May 6

    I'd be interested to see how many people here could even provide you service legally.

    Moldova and Romania might be able to make it work? Russia should be good. Maybe @alexhost could chime in. I'm not an expert in international relations, but I just can't imagine there being too many options available with the given climate unfortunately.

  • conceptconcept Member

    There are many small vps providers here on LET that may work for you or get a friend that is willing to host a VPN server with their home connection. I have found getting residential IP works best for China so I'm guessing its not much different.

  • HotmarerHotmarer Member

    Hi Iranian government

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Patron Provider

    The issue with these requests is, how long until you get the IP blocked? Using a server for personal use, generally you're not going to get an IP blocked by your government for just accessing streaming services, forums or whatnot. If you need a new IP every few days this doesn't benefit any hosting provider.

  • alt_alt_ Member
    edited May 6

    Try different VPN protocols, you will find which one is unlikely to be blocked.

  • AllHost_BenAllHost_Ben Member, Host Rep

    @alt_ said:
    Try different VPN protocols, you will find which one is unlikely to be blocked.

    That doesn't quite work when Tier 1/2 carriers and Iranian ISPs are being court-ordered to block access to entire subnets and even origin ASNs.

    Thanked by 1MikeA
  • chihcherngchihcherng Member

    Can't you use Tor? Or Tor doesn't work?

  • BatuCloudBatuCloud Member, Patron Provider

    It started providing vps to more than 500 users in 1 month in Iran. We also accept crypto payments.

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