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LicenseMonster: can I trust?
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LicenseMonster: can I trust?


someone use licensemonster? it's scam or good?

Thanked by 1suchira2000h


  • LTnigerLTniger Member ? Of course it is scam. Looks like punjabi or bangalore style scam. Selling cpanel licenses is long time non valid.

  • NanjaNanja Member

    I googled first site seemed interesting, second site says its a scam and gives it a 1.3 out of a 100 in rating.

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  • The cPanel license pricing alone is so ridiculous, it screams illegitimate. LicensePal's been around for a long time, though.

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  • visualwebtechnologiesvisualwebtechnologies Member, Patron Provider

    Its scam, always buy from direct , licensepal is good option

  • stefemanstefeman Member
    edited May 4

    Same guys as cpanelcentral.

    @LordSpock said:
    Yes, these are 'cracked' licenses - installing some form of bypass on the server. The company who provide these licenses are Iranian (go by the name of and sell them bulk to whatever miscreants want it (they've gone a little bit in to hiding since me and a few others worked with cPanel & LiteSpeed to try and knock them down one by one).

    They provide cPanel, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, JetBackup, etc - all illegally.

    If you see any of these files - (from cPanel's diagnostic) then you've been duped. I checked the network activity of these files and it seems like it isn't doing anything improper other than cracking but I can't be too sure and the risk seems way too great.

    Lots of hosts use this license, make sure you check against the various license checkers before buying.

  • thank you for your reply!

    Thanked by 1suchira2000h
  • LTnigerLTniger Member
    edited May 4

    @chiccorosso said:
    thank you for your reply!

    Chicco, you seems often stumble upon clear scams and wonder if it's legit or not. Rosso, what is going with you? You are not naive man.

  • EthernetServersEthernetServers Member, Patron Provider

    There's tonnes of these cheap license providers, and whilst you often get what you pay for, it's nulled software, and so will not get official updates or support from the vendor (i.e. cPanel).

    By all means, give them a shot, but don't be surprised if your server is hacked/compromised, suspended by your host due to complaints from cPanel, LiteSpeed or whomever the software used is, etc.

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  • @LTniger said:

    @chiccorosso said:
    thank you for your reply!

    Chicco, you seems often stumble upon clear scams and wonder if it's legit or not. Rosso, what is going with you? You are not naive man.

    I want believe in a Magic! 🤣😂👍😂

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  • If a deal appears too good to be true, it likely is. In this case, this license monster is a scam.

    Good luck with your license shopping :-)

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  • bruh21bruh21 Member, Host Rep

    @jonesolutions probbaly the cheapest legit cpanel license you can buy

  • agentmishraagentmishra Member, Host Rep

    yes you can fully trust it, provided you do not care about your money, customers, your data and your customers data, on top of every thing your reputation

    Thanked by 1suchira2000h
  • This is a scam. DO NOT give them your money.


    • easy install
    • easy purchase


    • they charge IP changes and they do not state it on their FAQ
    • they take at least 24hrs to answer a support questions
    • they refuse to refund even if you subscribed more than 1mo of subscription
    • once they cancel your account, you have no option to contact support to address billing issue
    • they do not understand English
    • they are a chinese operated shop
    • the install binary is questionable
    • the installer forces cpanel to allow questionable binaries to be executed even though you have already disabled the feature

    I can go on and on. Buyer beware!

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