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Looking For <$2/month Vps
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Looking For <$2/month Vps

Im looking for budget vps
Spec that i hoping for
1vCpu 1Gb Ram
20Gb of Storage
Location US
and allow me to install windows 2012r2
budget $2/month


  • Don_KeedicDon_Keedic Member

    You may find those specs somewhere, but you're not going to be running Server 2012 with those specs. You'll need to double your requirements at a minimum just to get it installed, let alone having it run properly.

    P.S. - Server 2012 EOL's in 5 months

    Thanked by 1bdl
  • BasToTheMaxBasToTheMax Member, Host Rep

    Windows can't run on 1 GB ram

  • Windows on 1GB RAM? Good luck then.

  • SauronSauron Member
    edited May 9

    @BasToTheMax said:
    Windows can't run on 1 GB ram

    Depends on Windows version. I remember that Windows 95 ran happily on 32 Mb RAM.

    For Windows Server 2003, 512 Mb of RAM is enough.

    Thanked by 1kuticon
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