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World Backup Day Thread
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World Backup Day Thread

m4num4nu Member, Patron Provider
edited March 31 in Tutorials

It's that day of the year again. 🤩 Time to check on missing and existing backups.

This year I focused on existing backups and did a short checklist on what usually goes wrong. Just the headlines:

  1. Backups are happening
  2. Backups are happening often enough
  3. Backups contain the expected data
  4. Backups are independent (enough) from the source data
  5. Backups are safe from modification

Those are the main ones based on my experience from common BorgBase support emails and client work on managed servers and office backups we also do.

How was your previous year in relation to backups? Any data loss from LET providers, bad luck or stupidity? Looking forward to hear some stories from the trenches. 🙌

Your year in backups
  1. Any data loss last year?21 votes
    1. Yes, but had a backup 🎉
    2. Yes, didn't have a backup 😬
    3. No events that may cause data loss.


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