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cPanel or LAMP for WHMCS?
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cPanel or LAMP for WHMCS?

What would be best and safe way to host a WHMCS website? Like on cPanel or any other control panel or installing php,apache,mysql manually and hosting whmcs.
What webserver do you recommend Apache or LiteSpeed or Nginx?
Do you recommend CDN like CloudFlare?
Do you recommend hosting it on cloud platforms like AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode etc.?

Considering speed & performance, security and safety from attacks and hacking attempts.


  • bruh21bruh21 Member, Host Rep

    I wouldn’t recommend cPanel for anyone these days due to pricing

    Personally I run blesta on shared hosting just fine but ymmv

  • If you prefer to go the control panel route, go Plesk. It's cheaper than cPanel, simpler, and get the job done just fine for a WHMCS site. It comes w/ Nginx so you'll be set with that. Also I think there's an OLS Plugin for Plesk but don't quote me on that.

    CDN like CloudFlare? Sure, go for it. Consider a paid plan to have more security options.

    Cloud Platforms? Sure thing. Pick the one you can afford and trust the most for your production stuff.

    my 2¢

    Best of luck with your venture :-)

  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider

    From a security point of view, use Docker, Read-Only file system without system utilities + firewall + CDN

  • edited March 2023

    For WHMCS only, a cheap VPS with a free Litespeed license (free up to 2GB RAM) and you will have cheap and fast WHMCS hosting, don't forget the security. Cloudflare works ok with WHMCS.

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