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How can I get a domain when it Expired
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How can I get a domain when it Expired



  • Use a backorder service. Be ready to pay a lot if the domain looks nice.

  • When a Domain gets expired, it goes to grace period for 30 days after the expiry date. You can renew the domain at same price in the grace period.
    If you failed to renew the domain in grace period, it will goes to Redemption period for next 60 days. You can restore the domain by paying a high price such as $100 to $250 for a COM domain.
    In this redemption period the domain listed on auction market. If no ones buy, it will be available again to register!

  • _MS__MS_ Member

  • if expired, still you can pay if it is in grace period typically 30 days withing expiration.
    then it will be released for public to re-register. So you can use backorder services, usually, 3 or 4. Don't depend on one. IF many users backorder it, it will go to auction and highest bidder will win that domain.

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy
    edited March 2023

    Find and contact the owner, ask owner to renew and buy from owner.

  • Getting a domain name that has expired is possible, but it may take some effort and research to do so. Here are some steps you can take to try and acquire an expired domain:

    Check the domain's status
    Check if the domain is in a grace period
    Check if the domain is in redemption period
    Check domain auction sites
    Contact the domain owner

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