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Little Creek Hosting Review 2023 edition
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Little Creek Hosting Review 2023 edition

Went by this review /discussion/167144/little-creek-hosting-review which looked good.

In 2023 they make rookie mistakes, like moving VPSes but forgetting to check on them. So I found it offline, asked about it, they're basically asking me why I didn't just turn it on from the control panel because that's possible. They've got an attitude problem for sure.

Another time they suspended the account for non-payment without an invoice being due, halfway through the billing cycle without anything being paid late. When asked, they told me it was a mistake made by the system.

Overall their network is quite unstable with many daily minutes-long downtime episodes. I was not impressed. They also (failed to move more likely but anyways...) moved my VPS without notification but I noticed no improvement in network behavior or throughput.

Here's some cumulative downtime events in 2023:

0 hrs, 4 mins
13 hrs, 2 mins (this is when they failed to migrate the vps)
7 hrs, 2 mins (this is when I was mistakenly suspended for non-payment)
0 hrs, 3 mins
0 hrs, 11 mins
0 hrs, 7 mins
0 hrs, 3 mins
0 hrs, 6 mins
0 hrs, 5 mins
0 hrs, 2 mins
0 hrs, 1 mins
0 hrs, 7 mins
0 hrs, 14 mins
0 hrs, 10 mins
0 hrs, 9 mins
0 hrs, 3 mins
0 hrs, 19 mins
0 hrs, 16 mins
.... and many more days.

When I ordered the service the first time their maxmind flagged me as fraud. I'm from the US. Had to message them to have me unflagged manually. Took days, inconvenient.

So overall... if you're looking to host a backup node or something silly that doesn't require stability and a decent uptime, I'd say go for it. Just ignore their stupid attitude when you raise tickets. They'll still do what needs to be done after they're done mouthing off.

Verdict: 2/5 would not recommend. You can get so much better service for $7/mo from A LOT of companies out there, albeit with less RAM. But what good is extra RAM when your box works like that raspberry pi in your closet?

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