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Installing Proxmox VE on Oracle Cloud (Ampere instance)
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Installing Proxmox VE on Oracle Cloud (Ampere instance)

I don't know if this can be posted, if not, admin can close the thread anytime.


Oracle Cloud offers free ARM instance for free, and the setup can be up to 4 cores and 24 GB RAM. That would be good for virtualization.
Since Proxmox VE doesn't provide official guide and prebuilt binaries for aarch64 architecture, we have to compile them ourselves.
I borrowed the code from the GitHub project Pimox (which is used to install Proxmox onto a raspberry pi)


For detailed guide, please visit my website

PS: Oracle Cloud doesn't enable nested virtualization, so CT/LXC is the only choice.
PPS: This is just a installation guide, it doesn't include the tutorial to configure network bridge etc. But normal configuration would be perfectly fine.

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