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Who can provide this reseller account
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Who can provide this reseller account

atmwebhostatmwebhost Member, Host Rep

50 cPanel Accounts

Unlimited SSD Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Public Nameservers

Own Branding

Softaculous Auto Installer

Unlimited FREE SSL

Wordpress Optimized

Instant Setup


  • @speedypage

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  • JasonMJasonM Member

    try racknerd. though not unlimited space as such, but 300GB is quite sufficient.
    what's your budget?

  • AdvinAdvin Member, Host Rep

    Can do for $50/month with JetBackups, CloudLinux, Softaculous. Ticket at if you want it. Each account after 50 accounts is $1/account/month

    Located in Canada

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  • GBIGBI Member, Host Rep

    Our reseller account is very flexible and simply priced. Just $0.60/ month per account which includes 2GB NVMe storage per account. Storage is pooled across all accounts.

    For example:
    50 cPanel accounts
    100GB NVMe Storage
    Price: $30/ month

    60 cPanel accounts
    120GB NVMe Storage
    Price: $36/ month

    However, we have a minimum order requirement which is the below:
    12 cPanel accounts
    24GB NVMe Storage
    Price: $7.20/ month

    We can give you a special 10% discount code valid for life.

    Any questions, just ask!


  • hostwebishostwebis Member, Host Rep

    Could be hard to find with so many unlimited features...
    Unlimited SSD Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth

  • HostMediaHostMedia Member, Patron Provider

    We have a range of reseller package but we don't oversell with "unlimited "disk, there isn't such a thing as most providers will limit you in some form or another (T&Cs etc), for 50 cPanel accounts we provide 100GB SSD for £16.67/mo (ex VAT).

    You can find our packages here:

    And because we love giving out gifts, for anyone interested in signing up to one of our WHM packages, here's a 50% off your first order (non-recurring):

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  • speedypagespeedypage Member, Patron Provider
    edited March 17

    We can do all of this, and 100 cPanel accounts for $65.49 per month. It meets your criteria entirely, and offers an Anycast DNS cluster across the globe (20+ PoPs).

    First month is only $1.20. Available in Ashburn, United Kingdom and Singapore.

    We can do 50 accounts as well but we don't meet the unlimited part with that, only 100GB. This comes in at $26.29 per month.

  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Host Rep

    We can provide it for you, contact our team!

  • dosaidosai Member

    @atmwebhost have you chosen anyone yet?

  • The only reseller host that provides unlimited disk space that I can recommend is Brixly:

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    We can do the following package with Plesk control panel:
    Reseller Account for 50 accounts
    100GB SSD (no such thing as “we don’t oversell unlimited space” just ask such provider if they ok if you do store 100PT of data)
    WordPress pack as part of Plesk control panel
    3 IPv4 (2 for own nameservers + 1 to host all acc)
    Own nameservers for each domain name
    £35 per month

  • drizbodrizbo Member
    edited March 18
    1. Buy 30$/m unlimited storage hosting
    2. Setup Nextcould
    3. Sell unlimited storage accounts for 100$/year
    4. Profit
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