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GPT-4 is coming!
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GPT-4 is coming!

harrisonharrison Member
edited March 14 in News

Developer Livestream is in 13 PM PDT. Are you excited? Do you think 2020s would be the decade of singularity? :blush:


  • Ok

  • armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

    As soon as i opened the video, screen went from bold guy[video] to black.

    Perfect time to miss it?

  • vovlervovler Member
    edited March 14

    "GPT-4 currently has a cap of 100 messages every 4 hours"

  • Only waitlist

  • Currently joined the waitlist hopefully gon get in soon (TM)

  • loayloay Member

    you will be able to try it with Bing

  • emghemgh Member

    As someone who's currently learning how to code, damn my life is way easier with GPT. I didn't realize it at the start, but it can explain anything, and it's wrong like 50 % of the time, but that's easy to test (run it's suggestion and see if it works or what dosen't work).

    Learning so much quicker getting feedback on exactly what I write, unlike Stack Overflow where I can find similar code, but not my code.

    I can only imagine how helpful GPT-4 can be.

    Once the hype is over, and there's no waitlist, I'm probably buying Plus.

  • Yes it is

  • defaultdefault Veteran

    I am so scared. AI will change the world. I don't think we are prepared for it.

  • htophtop Member

    AI grows so fast

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