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Is there anything like Blueprint? (make server2 look like server1)
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Is there anything like Blueprint? (make server2 look like server1)

raindog308raindog308 Administrator

Blueprint was software:

"Blueprint is a simple configuration management tool that reverse-engineers servers. It figures out what you’ve done manually, stores it locally in a Git repository, generates code that’s able to recreate your efforts, and helps you deploy those changes to production."

So you could point it at a Linux box and say "capture everything on server1 that has been installed/configured/changed since base, and make a script that I can run on server2 to have those same changes".

Or use the information for auditing.

This is easy to do if you've been managing things with Ansible or something since the server was born...but if you just have a random Linux box, determining what has changed/configured since base (and of course, what is base) is not trivial.

Blueprint hasn't been maintained for many years and is python2-oriented, alas.

Anything more recent or any other approaches for solving this problem?

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