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any old account on vultr passed the free tier?
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any old account on vultr passed the free tier?

I heared that lots of new accounts passed the free tier, but old accounts failed.
I hold an old account over 5 years, and spend over $20/m, the application still in process from March 8th.


  • nick_nick_ Member
    edited March 13

    My account is old with no active services for years. It didn't seem to be qualified either.

  • jwg29859jwg29859 Member
    edited March 13

    Makes a lot of sense if only brand-new accounts are qualified. A smart way to attract new customers.

  • SwiftnodeSwiftnode Member, Host Rep

    My account was ~8 years old or so. Got approved for the free tier within 1 day.

    Thanked by 1adly
  • 2015 account. It took them about 3 days to approve my application. I think it's been over a year since I ran any services via Vultr. Never spent >$5/m with them.

  • sh97sh97 Member

    2018 account, had some 2$ credit and an expired CC in there, got approved in a couple of days.

  • meatonmeaton Member
    edited March 13

    Applied for the free tier program and was approved within 24 hours. I opened my Vultr account in 2016 so I wouldn't say they are only approving new accounts.

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