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Unable to access hostnamaste client area, for months ?
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Unable to access hostnamaste client area, for months ?


Am I the only one that is unable to access hostnamaste's client area ?

I'm getting the following message
and I tried, on a private window, in edge (beurk), on another computer, again firefox, firefox private window and edge again (gross)

Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request.

Please go back to the previous page and try again.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

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And this has been the case since at least November !

I created a ticket, initially they responded, first they said, clear your browser cache, then they complained I wasn't talking to them from the right email associated with my account and when I fixed that they went silent. And I forgot about them

Until today that is, which is when the server went down because it's not been renewed !
And I can't login to renew it ....

Here's screenshots

On this website, there is a search for post,but how do you search "only the outage category" for instance ?
Searching just "hostnamaste" yielded too many results to find anything useful
It would have been really useful to search "outage" for "hostnamaste" and maybe find someone that has the same issue as me ?

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  • ZyraZyra Member

    works fine for me

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  • ManishPantManishPant Member, Host Rep

    Works fine at my end, send them an email with full detail about your issue

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  • hostnamastehostnamaste Member, Patron Provider


    I am sorry to hear about the issue you are facing and unable to open our client area. It is opening fine here and every other locations, I have checked and verified it also no other client has reached out to us and complain about the same. However, It looks like the local caching issue, could you please clear your blowers cache and also Flush the DNS Cache from your local PC / Laptop / Computer and try again? If still not opening, please send me the PM and I will work with you from there.

  • Yep, absolutely does not work
    I went to a friends house, it works there.
    As I mentionned, I have used multiple different computers with different OS different OS, even tried my phone.
    Always the same error, since november of last year.
    I paid the account at my friend's house.
    But still can't log in to the client area from my house
    I'm starting to think my specific ISP or maybe even my IP is banned from the client area ? The rest of your website works fine, my hostnasmate VPS servers, I can access no problem

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