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Racknerd Transfer - Chinese New Year 2021 - 2GB SSD KVM - 19.99$/Y
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Racknerd Transfer - Chinese New Year 2021 - 2GB SSD KVM - 19.99$/Y

Hi, I would like to transfer 2GB SSD KVM VPS - Chinese New Year 2021 Specials from Racknerd.

VPS specifications:
2 CPU Cores - E5-2680 v2
2GB Ram
5.86 TB BW (1 Gbps port speed)
EU - Amsterdam, Netherlands (ColoCrossing - LG:

YABS: PasteBin

It renews annually at a price of $19.99 USD
The next renewal is on 03/03/2024

I will cover the transfer costs ( $8 ) and I ask for the price €30 Euros

Payment method:


  • amaalexamaalex Member

    I can take it for 20$ if that works for you.

  • xfmxfm Member
    edited March 6

    @amaalex If I have to lose money, I might as well keep the server

  • ManishPantManishPant Member, Host Rep

    For $25/yr one can directly buy from Racknerd New Year 2023 sale which is on going with 0.5 GB RAM and 5 GB SSD Extra from your Plan.

    Lower the rates then might someone would be interested

  • xfmxfm Member

    @ManishPant Yes I would agree with you if I hadn't indicated Amsterdam Location but here we are talking about a vps server in Europe and for this price they are not easily found.

  • Hi xfm
    would be interested, price-wise it would fit, please pm

  • xfmxfm Member
    edited March 6

    Transfer completed to @amaalex B)

    Thanked by 1amaalex
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