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Nested bridge interfaces
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Nested bridge interfaces

Hi there,

I'm trying to run an LXC container with a public IP in my KVM VPS (got 2 IPs). Basically I bridged my eth0 interface to br0, where I assign my IP, and I dynamically add the veth interface to the bridge (for testing pupose). While it seems to work (container is reachable for the outside), as soon as I add the veth interface to the bridge my network connection becomes VERY slow, on both the host and my container. It's so slow that I even have a hard time typing in the console via SSH. I monitored the CPU with htop and everything seems normal (no process going wild).

Anyone tried to do something similar?


PS: I tried to use macvlan instead of a bridge but I can't get the container network to work. Even if everything looks fine (IP, netmask, routes are set properly), the container can't ping anything...


  • Route it inside the server rather than bridging.

    Host IP
    VPS IP

    On the host:
    route add veth0 (whatever the VPS's device is on the host server)

    On the VPS:
    route add default dev eth0 (or whatever the network device is)

    Enable IP routing on the host machine:
    sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1

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