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Who else likes DD's?
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Who else likes DD's?

crunchbitscrunchbits Member, Patron Provider Dedicated Deals!

We've got some great bare DD's racked for everyone. We will continually update this thread with new dedicated bare metal servers available as existing ones sell out or become unavailable and new ones get put up.

Basic Rules:

  1. Don't ask about storage servers/VPSes in here.
  2. Upgrades may not be applicable to every type of server, so when a new server deal is posted in here the available upgrades/add-ons compatible with that chassis will also be listed with it.
  3. If the server type is sold out, it's sold out. If we have more, it will be in stock.
  4. We do have a very large amount of hardware on hand (EPYC, Xeon, etc). If you're looking for something custom, reach out to us. We'll do our best to offer something extremely competitive and sustainable, especially on builds that are out-of-bounds for LET.
  5. T-shirts are delayed at the moment. They're going out, but slowly. Demand was overwhelming and we're happy people were interested. It took significantly longer to get everything packed up and labeled than I had anticipated--especially with a core team member going on vacation right as the requests rolled in ;)
  6. These are unmanaged services. While our staff may give hints/help out when they're able, remember that these are sold as unmanaged. You should have a basic working knowledge and level of comfort with linux/cli.
  7. I want to welcome @skorupion and @PieHasBeenEaten to our team. If you reply with:
Thank you @skorupion and @PieHasBeenEaten for your DD's!

You can have one of: +50TB bandwidth on your dedicated server order, free tshirt, or just being cool and welcoming them. They have already significantly improved our end-user experience and I am personally very happy to have them onboard.

Just open a ticket and link to your reply in this thread with your chosen reward and one of us will take care of it.

Standard features with our dedicated servers:

  • KVM/Console Access
  • Available OSes ready to go: AlmaLinux (8 and 9), CentOS (7 and 8), Debian (10 and 11), OpenVZ 7, Proxmox VE 7, RockyLinux (8 and 9), Ubuntu (18 and 20), Windows Server Datacenter (2019 and 2022--BYOL)
  • 1 IPv4
  • 1 /64 IPv6

Newest deals will always be at the bottom/last page.

To start things off, the first dedicated server deal:

E5-2680 V4

  • (1) E5-2680 v4 (14c/28t) 2.4GHz base / 3.3GHz boost
  • 64GB DDR4 ECC
  • (1) 480G SSD + (1) 5TB HDD
  • 1G Unmetered port or 100TB @ 10Gbps
  • Coupon code: THANKYOUSKORUPIONPIE for 15% off recurring lifetime
  • $89/mo $75.65/mo - ORDER

Add-ons only for this deal:

-480GB SSD (+$7/mo or $45 one time)
-2TB SSD (+$17/mo or $185 one time)
-5TB HDD (+$12/mo or $125 one time)
Max number of disks any config: 6

Bandwidth special:
-2Gbps unmetered: +$75/mo
-5Gbps unmetered: +$300/mo
-10Gbps unmetered: +$600/mo

-nVidia Quadro P600 (+$15/mo or $125 one time)

-Add another E5-2680 v4 for total of 2 (+$30/mo)

-Add another 16GB of DDR4 (+$2.5/mo or $20 one time)

For one-time add-ons:
1. Purchase the base product you want on the billing cycle you want
2. Open a billing ticket with all requested one-time add-ons, and we will invoice you appropriately and give you an ETA for install.

Looking glass:
All servers in this thread are located physically in Coeur d Alene, ID, USA.



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