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I receive this email today

Hello! This is Cameron Fillers, the owner of Komputer King. If you are receiving this email, then you currently, or have in the past, been a client of and have utilized our web hosting services. We are excited to inform you that Komputer King ( has been acquired by Kamatera, which is a company that is a leading provider of cloud computer services. Some of you may have noticed a few small modifications to your billing setup over the past few months. Some of these may include paypal subscriptions having been cancelled, or billing periods modified from quarterly, bi-annually, or annual billing converted to monthly billing. All of these changes have taken place in preparation of this acquisition. This first email is to inform you about the sale of the company, and some of the next steps that you may expect. Depending on your currently active services, you may receive an additional email which provides a more in depth description on this transition.

If you own a VPS or Dedicated Server, you will receive an email from Kamatera.

Komputer King’s services will be going dark on March 14th. With that being said, you will have the opportunity to re-deploy your services with Kamatera. There will be more information on that in the subsequent email. If your services are set to expire past the March 14th date, your remaining service time length has been calculated and will be added as a credit to your new Kamatera account. Please use this credit to order and deploy your new service and transfer your data to the new environment. If you have questions regarding the migration of your service, or any other questions regarding the acquisition, please open a ticket, and we will respond to them as quickly as we are able.

I, Cameron Fillers, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a client all of these years. I wish you the best and hope that your apps and web services find new life with Kamatera.

Thank you,

Cameron Fillers


  • PwnerPwner Member
    edited February 3

    I received this email as well, and I don't remember ever having services with FTPit. I also didn't see any unsubscribe link on the email, which is annoying.

    Edit: I found an email from May 2018 with an unsubscribe confirmation, and it looks like I received a few more announcements and deal emails from them even after unsubscribing. I'll mark them as spam and hope to never hear from them in the future.

  • Got the same email, for TragicServers, interested to see where things go from here.

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