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Oracle may reclaim your idle vps - Page 2
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Oracle may reclaim your idle vps



  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited February 2023

    @default said: Solution: Tor relay node. That would consume bandwidth while also helping with privacy in these troubled times caused by modern politicians.

    And Tor has just announced they now allow 4 relays per each IPv4, up from 2. Now it should be possible to reach some serious numbers on the 4-core ARM instance (hundreds of Mbits).

  • @udonworld said:

    @mustafamw3 said: Network utilization is less than 10%

    ... does this mean, on a 4 OCPU A1 instance that comes with a 4 Gbps NIC, you must use 400 Mbps sustained to be considered not idle?

    Maybe it is based on 95th-percentile like the CPU use. Or it is based on some other bandwidth limit (do they state a fair use policy with actual numbers in?). I doubt they are talking about 10% of the maximum port speed.

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