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Looking for provider recommendation (moving on from Contabo VPSes)
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Looking for provider recommendation (moving on from Contabo VPSes)

hades_corpshades_corps Member
edited January 2023 in Help


I currently have multiple Storage and Compute VPSes with Contabo. While cheap enough for me to experience with, the performance is too unpredictable! Between Black Friday and New Year, all of them are unusable! Speed is in the double digit range, Storage VPS is advertised to be SSD but it takes an extensive amount of time to get to the next file!? (Single file transfer is still okay though, but how!?)

I am using them for multiple sites and services for small businesses that I manage. Budget is ~$100.00 USD/month. The requirement are:
1. NVME/SSD boot + 1TB SSD/HDD for storage. (for Nextcloud)
2. Either Japan or Singapore with a good connection to the South East Asia region.
3. 2 additional IPs v4 (I am not an IT professional, so while I know NGINX exists, it's still better to pay for extras for the time being)
4. 250Mbps or better.

Now, either Dedicated or VPS should work. With dedi I would need to manage redundancy myself so probably have to split the cost to 2 servers in 2 regions. I am looking at OVH and it looks like the "So You Start" range is suitable.

Is there any provider you guys recommend for my use case? Reliable is a must since once I setup for employees to access, I can't migrate easily.
1. A single VPS at ~20% where the provider manages redundancy for me.
2. or 2 dedi in 2 regions (one is Asia), maybe even 2 providers as well!?


  1. How should I proceeds?11 votes
    1. Use a single VDS from Contabo
    2. 2 dedi from OVH
    3. Other. Please post your recommendation(s)


  • aquaaqua Member, Host Rep

    @NDTN with is your guy.

    Thanked by 1NDTN
  • so far greencloudvps is most stable and timely support.

    for $100 I'm sure they can do lots for ya.

    Thanked by 2NDTN Ympker
  • If I remember correctly, kimsufi (& soyoustart ?) were being phase-out & new users advised to use rise series, but I forgot where I read that :D
    If you unable to switch provider quick enough that might be a big problem for you. Better use 2 different provider + 1 as backup (use git-based provider for code & vps storage for db backup).

  • Another vote for GreenCloudVPS - also see budget offers here

    Thanked by 1NDTN
  • ArkasArkas Moderator
    edited January 2023

    GreencloudVPS Premium @NDTN and look at inception Hosting Ryzen Nvme @InceptionHosting
    And take a look at Liteserver @LiteServer

    Thanked by 2NDTN Ympker
  • Hetzner has opened a new location on the west coast of the United States, which is a well-balanced location to the Asia-Pacific region, and the whole series is equipped with epyc processors, which can provide excellent performance. They can attach up to 1T of local storage if you care. In addition, there is no traffic fee between internal networks, which facilitates the interconnection and intercommunication between different services, so it is a suitable choice.

    Thanked by 1maverick
  • Can't go wrong with a slice and a slab. @Francisco

  • NDTNNDTN Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

    Thank you for the recommendations guys!
    @hades_corps We have both Japan & Singapore locations available, our storage nodes are on Hardware RAID-10 which would be perfect for Nextcloud. Drop me a PM if you are interested ;)

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