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How about 'the All products pay 50% discount in 5 years' of V.PS
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How about 'the All products pay 50% discount in 5 years' of V.PS

xmtxxmtx Member
edited January 24 in General
  1. The discount code can be used by both new and old customers. New users can directly place an order on the purchase page and choose Quinquently: For old users, please see the following operation steps.

  2. The machine purchased with the discount code is non-refundable.

  3. The machine purchased with the discount code can be transferred.

  4. The discount code is limited to 200 copies, first come, first served, and then used up.


emmm, the chespest vps is mini KVM VPS -- €69.98 €139.95

how do you think about it?


  • ezethezeth Member, Host Rep

    No I think pay as you go is way better. I can't possibly know my ram cpu disk usage 5 years in the future

    Thanked by 2Zyra xmtx
  • Also you want them to be able to fulfill the entire time you pre-paid for. Going that cheap and for that "long" of a time does not build confidence in me that they'll be around to satisfy my requirements the entire time. Hell I've never heard of them anyways.

    Maximum I'd pay for, for a no-name hosting company is probably a few months.

  • @HalfEatenPie said:
    no-name hosting company

    V.PS/Xtom is actually a decent size operation, which happens to be the upstream colocation/IP transit provider of Virmach and Bandwagonhost at some of their locations.

    Still, there is no definite guarantee for a consistent and usable performance/uptime availability/network connectivity over a time period of 5+ years.

  • Oh it's part of xtom?

    Then nvm. I take that back. But still. 5 years is ehhh

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