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DNClustering - ZoneCloud? Anybody use it?
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DNClustering - ZoneCloud? Anybody use it?

I came across it on the DA forums being announced.

Looks to be a more modern DNS clustering, that supports receiving data across different panels.

Pricing is more than to be desired but guess it isn't too bad. Right now I have a cPanel DNSOnly cluster and looking at options for switching/adding DA into the mix. Traditionally DA would suggest buying the personal license for $2, and adding it as another DA server and sync the zones over. Of course that license is going away leaving it to $5/dns server

I know DA has directslave but that looks like items like DNSSEC may not be supported. I heard something about DA + powerdns, but I have not dug up too much info on it yet.

So came across ZoneCloud and looks like it could fit the bill. wondering how others are doing it.


  • tjntjn Member

    Never heard of it, looks interesting though.
    I used to use cPanel DNSOnly, then had a couple of DA Personal licenses, then used providers that provided free DA licenses with a VPS.

    Now I personally find that outsourcing my DNS to the likes of costs the same as maitaining my own DNS cluster.

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