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What's not to like about Fastpanel?
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What's not to like about Fastpanel?

I have some experience hosting WordPress websites with Plesk (mainly) and cPanel as well as with Direct Admin. I think Plesk probably offers the best value for money at their entry-level plan and the web hosting company offer free Web Pro licences with even their entry-level licences.
Recently I started using Fastpanel to host some PHP scripts that had problems with LiteSpeed installed on cPanel (and I had stopped using Plesk then). I was really impressed by a few things:
1. Installation
Sign up at the Fastpanel page for a free account. Registrar a server IP address for free.
Apply the installation script in a clean Ubuntu 22.04 server (other servers are available)

  1. SSL on multiple admin domains
    You can have customised login pages with SSL certificates (Plesk doesn't manage this well)

  2. No plugin conflicts. I've had a few of these with LiteSpeed. Fastpanel uses NGNIX and I have had zero plugin issues with a few common troublemakers including Buddyboss etc.

  3. Easy website management. Backup options are a little limited, however. I'd like to see pCloud up there.

  4. DNS management. Integrates with DigitalOcean DNS or you can set up your own BIND server facilitating vanity DNS records.

  5. Multiple users with role management.

  6. Email server that integrates with WP Email Manager!

It doesn't integrate with Softaculous as yet so you can't get the multitude of one-click apps that many hosting providers provide but I think if you are hosting WordPress websites, this is far easier to use than Plesk and cPanel and best of all it's free!

I'm not sure how long Fastpanel plan to keep their management platform free but if you sign up now, I'm assured, the panels you register, will be free for life - there is an option to change the IP address of the server too.

All in all, I've yet to find something that I don't like with Fastpanel, I can certainly recommend it if you host WordPress sites.


  • kdhkdh Member

    I saw FastPanel in DigitalOcean marketplace 3 years ago and tried out FastPanel back then.
    Overall quality was great, especially when you think about other "free" panels like Crappy Web Panel or something like that. But I had some various issues that are simply unexplainable. It also lacks some features so I'm not using it anymore.

    I've never used them again since 2020 so I'll give a try again soon, and see if there's any improvements.

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