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Which US Banks you use to link with paypal for Non-US Resident.
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Which US Banks you use to link with paypal for Non-US Resident.

AndrewSSDAndrewSSD Member, Host Rep


Which US Banks you use to link with paypal for Non-US Resident

Thanks alot.


  • Basically any commercial bank or credit union can be “linked” to PayPal. None are better than the others in this regard.

  • Wise gives ACH details that work to link to PayPal.

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Patron Provider

    So are you looking for a US personal checking or a business checking? They have different requirements and requirements also vary by state for certain banks/credit unions.

  • kdhkdh Member
    edited January 17

    If you formed a Foreign Company somewhere like Wyoming or Delaware using an registered agent, basically you have two options.

    You can visit a bank in your state where you formed a company (If you don't have SSN, you'll need a TIN) or make a bank account using Virtual Banks like Wise and Mercury. Some Agent Services have a recommendation for it, for check it out if you have one. Of course, the more 'stable' option is the first one, but the second one will be the easiest. Plus, you should be noted that most 'proper' banks require you to have at least some amount of money in your account. If you don't, they'll charge you some fees every month.

  • DediRockDediRock Member, Patron Provider

    Most major banks would be able to support this.

  • Paypal works with ALL FDIC/NCUA insured US banks and credit unions that aren't experiencing temporary network issues, as well as most that have lost their insurance but are still in business.

    That said, some banks have better processes than others for getting everything done remotely. Some places keep wanting you to visit their branches to solve issues even when you tell them you are 6,000 miles away. Most don't have 24/7 phone support, though.

    Discover (mostly known as Diner's Club abroad) is a very nice online bank with 24/7 customer support people that are given the authority to solve most common issues on the spot during the first phone call. Absolutely top notch customer service, with free checking accounts. But their deposits are a bit slow (ALWAYS READ Funds Availability terms for all the banks you shop for if funds transfer speed is an issue -- some will be days faster than others for check deposits/ACH transfers).

    Citibank has a lot of haters but they've been nice to me so far. I don't know about now, but they used to have international wire transfer discounts if you also have a Citi account in your home country.

    Credit unions are great for getting lower APR loans and cards, and some special ones are open to international residents due to their histories of serving employees of multinational companies (Chevron FCU, Dow CU, etc). Digital FCU deposits my checks in 10 minutes, but their support is backlogged and I am not sure how open they are to nonresidents. Just know that to join credit unions, you need to have some sort of link to their geographical area or be a member of one their associated organizations.

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