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Make Friday the 13th your lucky day - order a pack of servers and get one for FREE!
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Make Friday the 13th your lucky day - order a pack of servers and get one for FREE!

vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider

Are you looking at ordering multiple servers? Considering different offers? Looking for the best prices? Do you think technical support and quality of service are essential for your choice?

Bingo - You just found yourself what you were looking for!

Order a pack of servers and get one of them free of charge!

Please leave a request on our website!
We will contact you to clarify the details 🙂

The conditions are pretty much straightforward:
1. Choose the servers that you are interested in on VSYS Host site.
It should be a set of 7 servers or more.
2. Leave a request.
3. We will contact you, and you will get one for free!

Our site:

Don't break the bank - only the first 3 customers!

This absolutely unusual and unique promotional offer is only valid until Monday, January 16th.

Promise - even if it is impossible to order immediately due to the number of people who want to order right away, you can leave a request, and we will process it on Monday.


  • ehabehab Member
    edited January 13

    what happened to buy 2 get 1 free ?

    7 - this breaks a back

  • ehabehab Member

    i get it ... its the Friday 13th thing.

  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider


    In any case, you can send a request with a link to this thread. Then our sales team will contact you on Monday and offer fine options.

    Thanked by 1kait
  • netfliqnetfliq Member
    edited January 14

    buy 1 get 1?

  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider

    @netfliq said:
    buy 1 get 1?

    Unfortunately, according to the conditions, you need to make an order for a more quantity. But even if you order 2, you can send our sales dep link to this thread, and we will provide you a discount :)

  • vsys_hostvsys_host Member, Patron Provider

    By the way, the promotion is still valid today o:)

  • How are things going with the DC in Kyiv?

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