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What VPS hardware would you like to see?
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What VPS hardware would you like to see?

DataIdeas-JoshDataIdeas-Josh Member, Patron Provider

What CPU types would you like to see in your VPS provider?
I know right now everyone is on about Ryzen but even that has different versions.

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  • MikeAMikeA Member, Patron Provider

    More higher frequency cores the better. One reason why Ryzen is popular.

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  • davidedavide Member
    edited January 13

    For me, I don't care about CPU performance as long as the VPS is fast enough to run a few nodejs processes at low load. Ultimately the performance of an instance depends on host occupancy rather than CPU brand or model.

    What I'm missing from current providers is a cheap VPS instances with slower but larger HDD storage, in the neighborhood of 80÷100 GB.

    I.e. now I have:

    • a $25/year VPS from Greencloud with 35 GB SSD
    • a $21/year VPS from ChicagoVPS with 80 GB HDD

    Between the two, I prefer the slower but larger 80 GB HDD from ChicagoVPS.

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  • 5950X for sure.

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    LXC containers hosted on RISC-V processor.

  • Mac, for iOS/Mac CI/CD

  • add_iTadd_iT Member
    edited January 13

    I don't care about performance

    As long as vps useable and run normally also have as minimum as posibble downtime or network and machine problem, and also maintaining uptime and network well, i am okay

    It is no use for using modern hardware or like a beast, if your server down or reboot everytime also many problem there and there, your server just ended to using it for playing only

    Just learn from virmach

  • @yoursunny said:
    LXC containers hosted on RISC-V processor.

    You're always coming in from left field.

  • fazarfazar Member

    I use vps (mostly) to host websites. I dont care much about CPU as long as its has good uptime and reasonable performances.

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