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What is this "IPv6 is Broken" article about?
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What is this "IPv6 is Broken" article about?

k9banger02k9banger02 Member
edited December 2022 in General

IPv6 Internet Is Broken

Discussion - IPv6 Internet is broken | Hacker News

Peering Disputes Migrate to IPv6 - 2009

Now that I'm interested in IPv6 I need to know more about this issue, because HE seems to be the recommended provider here.

PS. I suspect the OP is a regular at LET. Show yourself whoever you are.


  • That's ... old and it's not IPv6 who's broken, but Cogent.

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  • jackbjackb Member, Host Rep
    edited December 2022

    Tier 1 network providers should be able to connect you to every other tier 1 provider - over settlement free connections (you pay your tier 1, they don't pay each other for your traffic).

    Cogent don't consider HE a tier 1 network. They think they should be compensated by HE in addition to their own customers.

    This isn't an ipv6 problem: it's a singlehomed-to-cogent-or-he problem.

  • FatGrizzlyFatGrizzly Member, Host Rep

    // yoursunny i love ipv6, please don't sacrifice me!

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  • Real men use hardware id to identify its devices.

  • So if I don't want any hassles with IPv6 then who should I go with?

    Who will connect me with both transparently?

  • @jackb said: Cogent don't consider HE a tier 1 network

    Well, they aren't - right?

  • jackbjackb Member, Host Rep

    @emgh said:

    @jackb said: Cogent don't consider HE a tier 1 network

    Well, they aren't - right?

    They're really not far off. They use telia/arelion to reach cogent, Tata and NTT; but they're also something like the 6th largest network in the world.

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  • DataIdeas-JoshDataIdeas-Josh Member, Patron Provider

    Side note.
    Cogent now does work with Google over IPv6

    traceroute to (2607:f8b0:4006:81f::200e), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets
     1  gateway (2001:550:1:315::1)  1.087 ms  1.138 ms
     2  * *
     3  * *
     4  * (2001:550:0:1000::9a36:1c4a)  6.492 ms
     5  2001:550:3::396 (2001:550:3::396)  5.643 ms  5.636 ms
     6  2001:4860:1:1:0:1935:0:98 (2001:4860:1:1:0:1935:0:98)  5.779 ms 2001:5a0:200:500::85 (2001:5a0:200:500::85)  5.770 ms
     7  2001:4860:0:e02::11 (2001:4860:0:e02::11)  5.855 ms 2607:f8b0:8327::1 (2607:f8b0:8327::1)  5.710 ms
     8  2001:4860::c:4002:74b3 (2001:4860::c:4002:74b3)  40.310 ms  40.300 ms
     9  2001:4860::8:4000:ca19 (2001:4860::8:4000:ca19)  12.148 ms 2001:4860:0:e03::11 (2001:4860:0:e03::11)  6.022 ms
    10  2001:4860::c:4000:d9e0 (2001:4860::c:4000:d9e0)  6.305 ms *
    11  2001:4860::c:4002:78f5 (2001:4860::c:4002:78f5)  12.122 ms 2001:4860::8:4000:ca19 (2001:4860::8:4000:ca19)  11.968 ms
    12  * *
    13  2001:4860::c:4001:29de (2001:4860::c:4001:29de)  39.792 ms 2001:4860:0:1127::1 (2001:4860:0:1127::1)  41.931 ms
    14  2001:4860:0:1::5f75 (2001:4860:0:1::5f75)  41.848 ms 2001:4860::1:0:baf3 (2001:4860::1:0:baf3)  42.293 ms
    15 (2607:f8b0:4006:81f::200e)  39.207 ms 2001:4860:0:1::5f75 (2001:4860:0:1::5f75)  41.832 ms
  • Daniel15Daniel15 Veteran
    edited December 2022

    This article is from 2021.

    Last-Modified: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 04:23:25 GMT

    @k9banger02 said: So if I don't want any hassles with IPv6 then who should I go with?

    In general, try to avoid providers that are single-homed to Cogent. This applies for IPv4 as well, as they've also had peering disputes with IPv4 in the past.

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