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VPN that works in China
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VPN that works in China

My friend is heading to China for a year for studies and he needs VPN to connect to some apps that are blocked in China.

What VPN service is best that works in China? Can anyone suggest please.


  • When I'm in China I spin up an Outline server in India or other nearby country. Way faster than commercial VPN's and a clean IP with no history of VPN use so no constant switching of connections.

    Otherwise, I have been successful with Windscribe, connecting to Hong Kong or Taiwan servers.

    NordVPN has never worked for me.

  • ralfralf Member
    edited December 2022

    I would say learn to live with what you can access.

    If you really need unfiltered internet, and if it's not too much data, I'd advise you to visit Hong Kong and pick up a Bay Area Big Data SIM card as that works anywhere in China, but routes via Hong Kong and avoids the GFW:

    The other option is to get a China Mobile SIM card if your own country before you go, if they operate there, as you can use about half your monthly call and data allowance in China, and again it's routed via Hong Kong and has no restrictions. Back in 2018 when I was on a 10GB per month tariff in the UK, I successfully used about 4GB on my UK SIM over 4 weeks. They do check your average usage in your home country over the previous 6 months though to make sure you were using it there too - it's really meant to support Chinese students abroad who go back home occasionally.

    I also had a standard Chinese SIM for other things, because it's so cheap for data. I was paying 24 RMB per month for 1GB data per day.

  • astrill

  • Congratulations to your friend!
    He or She will study the most complex internet camouflage skills in the world.

  • Some commercial VPNs have individual servers that work, but they are not that stable.
    The best way is to buy an airport service or buy VPS and use tools (V2Ray, Xray or Hysteria) to build your own VPNs.

    Airport service:
    Mainland blogger's speed test and some description of the airport service:

    Build your own VPN
    1, Budget enough, buy CN2 GIA VPS, use tools to build VPNs and disguise then connect directly to use

    2, Budget limited, apply for Japan or Singapore Oracle Always Free cloud services, then buy a cheap VPS located in Guangdong Province, Mainland China as a transit server, use tools to build VPNs and disguise, through the Cloudflare's free CDN to connect to use

    3, Do not want to pay, looking for free nodes based on tools

    Sorry for my bad english

  • airport service better

  • jmaxwelljmaxwell Member
    edited December 2022

    Airports are now offering VPNs?

  • We really need a China that works with VPNs.

  • @jmaxwell said:
    Airports are now offering VPNs?

    Not the airport you are thinking with planes.

  • @jmaxwell said:
    Airports are now offering VPNs?

    Cuz a famous proxy software ShadowSocks and its successor ShadowSocksR, which were widely used by Chinese providers to offer network services to bypass their government's Great Firewall, both use a Telegram-like paper plane logo.

    (Although the Socks Proxy does not fully works like VPN, but Chinese seems to categorize all methods that can help them get rid of network cencorships as VPN)

    Then Chinese started to call that kind of service providers Airports.

  • @TheKiller said:
    My friend is heading to China for a year for studies and he needs VPN to connect to some apps that are blocked in China.

    What VPN service is best that works in China? Can anyone suggest please.

    im on a short trip in China at the moment, unfortunately, pretty much all pubic vpns are blocked, my guess is port 1194 and various public vpn ips are blocked

    my suggestion is get a small vps, preferably in asia, or nearby county, run openvpn or pivpn on a random chosen port, and create a password protected account, and then he should be good to use most app/sites he need

  • aquaaqua Member, Patron Provider

    Pretty sure works there. I used to use them and they're extremely good.

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