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โ€บ FOSSBilling -- First Release Since Rebranding From BoxBilling
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FOSSBilling -- First Release Since Rebranding From BoxBilling

Not_OlesNot_Oles Moderator, Patron Provider

From the highlights section of the above linked Github page: "Initial Proxmox support, we don't recommend you to run it on production yet but contributions appreciated."

The license seems to be Apache 2.0:

Sorry, personally I haven't yet used FOSSBilling or BoxBilling or any billing platform except as a customer. I'm not using Proxmox at the moment either. So I can't provide recommendations. However, it seems excellent to me that the Community might have available a free and open source billing platform that soon might integrate with Proxmox.

Congrats to FOSSBilling! ๐ŸŒŸFriendly greetings from New York City and the Sonoran Desert! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ๐Ÿœ๏ธ


  • Looks promising.
    The way they have re-organized it so far, if they keep it same way, it will be a worthy option soon.

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  • armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

    It's very active and getting constant updates, been keeping an eye on it for some time now.

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  • Is there a demo or some screens? (maybe i'm blind)

  • @Wicked said:
    Is there a demo or some screens? (maybe i'm blind)

    No not yet

  • Hi all,

    As a member of the FOSSBilling Steering Committee, I just thought that it might be helpful to jump in and clarify or comment on a couple of things.

    First of all, yes, 0.1 was released on Friday, and we've since released 0.1.1 which has resolved a couple of small issues.

    There really has been a lot of work that has gone into this initial release, from multiple contributors, and we appreciate them all!

    Although, there are not many obvious feature additions over the last BoxBilling releases, there are a lot of bugfixes, security improvements, and updates both to the FOSSBilling code and dependencies. There is a changelog here.

    It's a big task to drag software that was essentially abandoned back to life and create something modern and functional, but we are getting there. To start with FOSSBilling is now a PHP8+ app using modern dependencies. It's also lighter, with modules that had not worked in years or that we felt were not really part of a billing solution having been removed from the core, all part of a move towards a more extensible framework.

    As @Not_Oles noted the license is Apache 2.0. There is a Steering Committee, but all decisions are community informed as much as possible. We want the project to be as open and transparent as possible, and we have a clear governance policy in place. As much as anything the aim of having a committee rather than one or two project maintainers is to avoid a possible future where the project becomes abandoned or unmaintained (as happened with BoxBilling).

    As noted somewhere above, we aren't recommending using it in production yet (with or without Proxmox) but we are definitely getting much closer to a point where I personally would be happy to use it, and development is moving reasonably quickly.

    @Wicked There isn't a demo or any screenshots up yet, but the website will have some updates in the very near future which will include screenshots. For a demo you might have to wait just a little bit longer.

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  • not rebranded, it's a fork :smile:

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  • @Spr said:
    not rebranded, it's a fork :smile:

    Absolutely right ๐Ÿ™‚

    BoxBilling is still out there and FOSSBilling is a fork that started at the beginning of the year.

    Many of the team behind FOSSBilling had been involved in previous efforts to try to revive and update BB, but we found that for various reasons, mostly about project ownership, etc. that it was just not possible.

    A new fork seemed like the only sensible option.

  • I hope there will be many available modern themes for this billing system.

  • @masiqbal said:
    I hope there will be many available modern themes for this billing system.

    To be honest, themes are not a high priority right now, instead we are focusing on bug fixes, performance, security, and some functional feature requests.

    But, of course, the greatest thing about open source software is that anyone is able to jump in and develop for it, and it would be great to see an ecosystem develop with more people contributing and maintaining modules and themes.

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  • mailcheapmailcheap Member, Host Rep

    Really cool project, how many man-hours did it save to fork and fix this version as opposed to a new build from scratch do you think? Not a big fan of PHP but there are a lot of people who love (tolerate?) building on it still.

    We built our own basic version from scratch (Python/JS) and it took a lot longer than I anticipated, 6 months turned into an year.


  • @mailcheap said: how many man-hours did it save to fork and fix this version as opposed to a new build from scratch do you think?

    It's a good question and I'm not really sure to be honest.

    Of course it does save time when something is already there to start from, but on the other hand there were so many issues and bugs and security flaws that needed to be addressed, all while trying to keep a smooth upgrade path from BB, that sometimes you have to wonder if it wouldn't be just as easy to start from fresh with a well planned architecture right from the beginning.

    Current 0.x releases are mostly concerned with more of the same, stability, security, bug squashing, UI cleanup, and making sure that the current feature set works as intended. There might be a few new features creeping in there amongst all of that but it isn't the biggest focus right now.

    1.0 will be the release where we feel that the current codebase is mature enough and bug free enough to say "hey, sure, use it in production and you shouldn't have any problems", we are still a fair way off of that but definitely making good progress.

    2.0 is a bigger goal still, it's a Laravel rewrite of the current codebase, which in the longer term will be a lot easier to update and maintain that what we have right now. Of course we want to retain all of the work that is being done now and fold that into the rewrite and we will also be building tools so that people can upgrade from 1.x installations to the new Lara version when we finally get to that point.

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  • Not_OlesNot_Oles Moderator, Patron Provider

    Good morning! From FOSSBilling's Discord:

    Jaap Marcus โ€” Today at 5:11 AM
    Hey @everyone
    Demo website is live! for the admin login or for the client login

    Some function including ip logging, sending emails have been disabled.

    Every 1 hour the database get reset and all active sessions removed!

    I haven't looked at the demo yet.

    Hope you all enjoy a wonderful day! :)

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  • ninjatkninjatk Signature Restricted

    look great, but need more improve display frontend on mobile phone browser

  • @ninjatk said:
    look great, but need more improve display frontend on mobile phone browser

    There are really a lot of visual improvements that can still be made, probably on all screen sizes. @ninjatk if you have a couple of minutes it would be really helpful if you could create an issue on GitHub with the display issues that you found on mobile.

  • agentmishraagentmishra Member, Host Rep

    if any one may guide me to any writeup for theme integration in fossbilling!

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