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What do you selfhost in your VPS/dedicated server?
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What do you selfhost in your VPS/dedicated server?

Thanks to Black Friday discounts, I got several nice cheap VPS. I selfhost teamspeak, rocketchat, nextcloud on them.
What about you?


  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate
    • vps0 Advin NRT 4GB 20GB: not delivered
    • vps1 VirmAche MIA 1920MB 45GB: Private Seafile
    • vps2 ServerFactor LEY 4GB 50GB: idle
    • vps3 GreenCloud SIN 4GB 35GB: push-ups delivery network node
    • vps4 Spartan SEA 1GB 25GB: personal website (Caddy + nginx + PHP, no database)
    • vps5 LevelOne DAL 1GB 512GB-HDD: rclone SFTP target
    • vps6 Nexril DAL 1GB 15GB: push-ups video repository
    • vps8 GreenCloud MDW 9GB 99GB: private Docker registry, push-ups delivery network node
    • vps9 Webhosting24 MUC 1GB 21GB: push-ups delivery network monitoring, RIPE ATLAS probe
    • box1 Evolution LIL 2GB 40GB: Docker builder, WireGuard VPN
    • box3 Gullo YUL 256MB 5GB: SSH reverse tunnels
    • box4 Limitless ORD 512MB 5GB: RIPE ATLAS probe
    • box5 VirmAche PHX 2GB 50GB: idle
    • box7 iHostART SBZ 896MB 50GB-HDD: qBittorrent
    • box8 LigaHosting DAL 512MB 8GB: idle
    • box9 Incog RTM 512MB 20GB: Tor exit
  • I selfhost Kanboard,Nextcloud and Gitea now.
    Also,I want to try GitLab too.

  • Currently selfhosting my own Akkoma instance on the GreenCloudVPS I got via BF sale. I have also a couple other personal projects on Oracle Cloud Always Free instances.

  • tjntjn Member
    edited December 2022

    Evaluating Seafile vs FileRun at the moment as well - didn't like NextCloud.

    Thanked by 1einverne
  • Contabo:
    Some small NodeJS applications



    Prohosting 24
    Some small NodeJS applications

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