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  • nessanessa Member, Patron Provider

    I think 25% is actually pretty conservative.

  • Going straight to 25%. And their already overpriced. Good luck.

  • HostUpHostUp Member, Patron Provider
    edited November 2022

    I'm not surprised when it comes to .se/nu TLD. Internetstiftelsen, the ones who manage these TLDs will raise renewal prices whilst lowering the price for registering new domains if you meet certain criteras. The reason for this? To make the renewal rate of domains higher. Idk the logic behind this if it becomes cheaper to register new domains than renewing them still, but that was the justification behind the price increase.

    If the price will be too low for domains then that will lead to more abuse and low renewal rates. Kind of the reason why .top domains are always used by spammers and have a lot of abuse

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